“Influence of the food environment on the health of residents of different neighborhoods of Bilbao: a citizen action-participatory study”

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This research took place during 2017 and its objective was to analyze how people live and eat in different regions of Bilbao. Previous studies have shown that place of residence, work and socioeconomic level influence eating, and therefore the level of obesity in the population.

A qualitative action-participatory research methodology was used, with the participation of citizens living in different neighborhoods of Bilbao with different socio-economic contexts (high, medium and low). In this way, the citizens themselves are urban co-researchers in order to analyze the reality that surrounds them and to be able to relate it to their health.

This type of highly innovative study in the area of Public Health has been the second to be carried out at a national level, following the model carried out in Madrid, which analyzed the food environment of the poorest neighborhoods in Villaverde. This study has had a great social and media impact.