Fotographer: Galder Iturregi. Unemployed, 46



Most of them go to play a type of pelota, almost everyone with a racket, which is not very traditional either. But I see people playing different things, boys playing football, sometimes girls playing volleyball, even though they don’t have a net. And then walking the dog and playing ball. So there’s always someone using it.

This fronton exists because we insisted 40 years ago that there should be a fronton (…) What we want is for the fronton, in addition to its own sporting discipline, to be used for more things, especially when there are fiestas in the neighbourhood where there are lots of things that can be done and often are not done because there is no roof.

If we focus on physical activity, it is the only infrastructure that fulfils 100% of its purpose. It is a fully functional fronton, it is always full of people.”

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