Fotographer: Ana María Terradillos. Retired, 67

New black spot

debate & analysis

If I am alone, I always look over my shoulder to see if anyone is coming, even if it’s broad daylight”.

The lift is a tunnel that you have to enter, and there might be a gang sleeping, or a man who has set up a kind of bar at the ticket office, with a 12-15 pack of beer, getting drunk and insulting those passing by”.

I phoned up and was told to relax because there were cameras. I understand that, but is anyone watching?”

Women, teenagers and young girls will use it and will find themselves in this situation, and they don’t even take the precaution of leaving one of the lifts at the bottom and another at the top. They are both at the top. That is to say, you arrive and have to wait because there is no indication as to which of the two floors it is on, it only indicates that it is in service and you wait until it comes down”.