Fotographer: Iratxe Carro. Foundation Manager, 49

When you can't go on the pavement.... road

debate & analysis

“There is an elderly woman walking up the road with a walker. We noticed it because the bus and cars started beeping. She is causing a massive traffic jam. But it’s true that all of the pavements are narrow (…) They beeped at her, she turned around, she raised her walker at them as if to say that she had to go up. (…) I thought it was significant in terms of overcoming physical difficulties in this neighbourhood”.

“Escalators or a mechanical ramp for people with disabilities or the elderly would be a great help, because it is already difficult for us. It was requested a long time ago”.

“And to go down the slope… Of course, as I have a child, I go down the slope pulling the pram backwards, because the pram goes flying down that slope with you behind it and you can really take a bashing”.